What is communikit?

Communication Toolkit

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Communikit running on a Computer and iPhone

Mobile App and Admin Toolkit

Communikit is a mobile app framework that allows you to
easily communicate with groups of users using
simple to use but powerful tool sets.

Communikit is


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Create your own experience.

Craft a truly tailored user experience for
your users. Sort users into custom groups
like, staff, members, clients and general public

A Group of Happy People

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Notification is a powerful connection.

Have the power to reach people on their
mobile devices at anytime. Link straight
to action items like forms, events and pdfs.

Example of iphone notification from Division 1

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The old
boring way.

Leaves people with that
“Oh no, please don’t make
me do this” feeling.

The new
better way.

Leaves people with that
“That was actually
pretty easy” feeling.

Sign ups, Applications and Requests

Easily create distribute your own custom
forms with our form creation tool. Simply collect,
store and deliver the information how you want it.

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    Create your own custom forms with no programing required

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  • Distribute Icon Images


    Send it to any group of users and alert them to view it or fill it out

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    Select where you want the data to be sent to and be alerted when they come in

Communikit is


Invite, Inform and RSVP

It’s easy to set up invite and sign up people
to your events using your own app. You can
direct people to an external event platform
or handle it all yourself.

Event Ticket